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Residential Window Films – Tiger Tint Auburn

In the blazing heat of summer and the icy chill of winter, YOUR home is your escape from the worst Mother Nature has in store for you.

But if your home’s windows are left untreated, you’ll find little relief – even indoors.

As a LLumar residential window film dealer, Tiger Tint in Auburn defends your family from the sun, weather and heat while complementing the look of your home. At a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement, home window film offers superior solar control, but lets in the natural light and outdoor views everyone wants. And just as important, it helps lower your energy costs every month of the year.

Home Window Tinting Benefits

Maintains interior temperatures year-round

Hot and cold spots throughout your home are not only uncomfortable, they can send your energy bills spiraling out of control. Residential window film prevents your air conditioning from escaping during the summer and keeps cold air from entering in the winter. No matter the temperature outside, your family will be more comfortable in every room of your house. In turn, you’ll see cost savings of up to 15% once window tint is installed.

Includes a warranty for your peace of mind

All LLumar window film for homes is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against bubbling, cracking and peeling when installed by Tiger Tint. We also offer our own satisfaction guarantee – if your window film isn’t installed right the first time, we’ll fix it at no additional cost to you.

Offers an extra level of security for your family

Residential window film enhances the privacy of your home – you have a clear view of the outdoors, but those on the outside can’t see in. In addition, the industry-leading durability of LLumar window tint is difficult to penetrate, defending your home against possible break-ins. It even holds your windows in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, protecting your family against flying shards of glass.

Blocks irritating glare

LLumar window tinting blocks out 87% of glare from the sun. Now you can watch TV or work on your computer any time of day without glare affecting your view.

Stops UV rays from entering your home

Even indoors, your family is at risk of skin cancer from the sun. Our residential window film blocks 99% of UV rays. It’s so effective that The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends LLumar window tint as a protective measure against deadly skin damage.

Prevents the fading of your interiors

Just as UV rays can threaten your skin, they can threaten your belongings as well. By blocking the sun’s rays, residential window film reduces fading of your draperies, furniture, flooring, and artwork. Window tint protects your investments and keeps them looking newer, longer.

Enhances the look of your home

LLumar window film is available in a variety of chic, charcoal shades that complement your personal style and your home’s aesthetics.