Commercial Window Film Helps Businesses
Save Big on Energy Costs

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Commercial Window Film in Auburn, Columbus & Montgomery – Tiger Tint

As a business owner, you’re focused on your bottom line.

But high energy costs, especially during the hot Alabama summers, can quickly put you in the red. With LLumar commercial window film from Tiger Tint in Auburn, you can find a quick, affordable solution to skyrocketing energy bills that also keeps your tenants more comfortable, protects your business, and improves the look of your facility!

Our lineup of solar window tint is ideal for any building in Auburn, Montgomery and Columbus, from apartment buildings and office complexes to retail stores and public facilities. At a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement, it offers all the same benefits at a price that better aligns with your budget. Now that’s just smart business!

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

Cuts your energy costs

Solar window film for businesses rejects 82% of incoming solar energy to correct temperature imbalances throughout your building. Your customers and tenants no longer have to deal with uncomfortable hot and cold spots, and even better, you’ll cut your energy costs by up to 15%. In fact, most commercial businesses see a complete payback within three years. Because LLumar window films are LEED-certified, tax breaks may also be available to those companies that qualify.

Blocks UV rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can quickly fade your equipment, flooring, furnishings, and artwork. And even worse, can put your tenants in danger of skin damage from the sun, even indoors. LLumar commercial window film stops 99% of UV rays from entering through your windows, which is why it’s recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Arms your facility with greater security

Business break-ins are a growing problem throughout Eastern Alabama and across the nation. The durability of LLumar window film means your windows are harder to break through, protecting your business against vandals and theft. In addition, window tint can hold glass in place in the event of a storm, accident or other incident, defending your employees and tenants against deadly shards of flying glass.

Reduces irritating glare

Glare from the sun can make it almost impossible to work on a computer. LLumar window tint blocks 87% of glare so your employees are more productive, no matter the time of day.

Beautifies your facility

There’s a reason architects and designers trust LLumar commercial window film. It not only offers incredible cost savings and enhanced comfort, it complements their creative vision. Available in a variety of stylish designer shades, window film delivers a uniform appearance that pulls together the look of a facility and offers a distortion-free view from the inside.

Includes industry-leading warranties

All LLumar commercial window films installed by Tiger Tint include a manufacturer’s warranty for tint and labor good for up to 15 years. We can provide you with full details on our warranty, installation and technical information.